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Organize Your College Schedule When You’re Learning Online

How do you stay organized when your college classes are online and you’re not on campus? When you’re learning online, it can be tough to keep your virtual classes and your schedule in order. But with the Chipper digital study planner, you can keep yourself on track. Whether you’re taking a few remote classes or if your entire college has moved to a virtual classroom, use Chipper to enter in all your virtual online class meeting times as well as your homework assignments and your projects for those classes. You can also schedule in virtual office hours with the professors of your online classes so you can plan on time to ask questions on concepts you may need some help with. Set reminders for your virtual college courses and get notifications when it’s time to attend your online lecture or in advance of a homework assignment or project being due. Best of all, keep track of all your remote classes, virtual meetings, assignments, and exams all in one place.

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Benefits of a Study Planner for Online College Classes

The Chipper Study Planning App is Free

Unlike a paper planner, you can enjoy the benefits of organizing your virtual college classes with the Chipper student planner app for free.

Easier to Use than a Paper Planner

When it’s easy to use, you know it will get used! And it’s a lot more fun, too.

Keeps Your Remote Classes Organized

The app allows you to keep track of all your remote classes, meetings, and your to-do list to help you stay organized.

Learn How to Manage Your Time Better

If you’re taking online classes, you’re responsible for your own schedule. Chipper helps you plan your time and keeps you on track.

Improve Your Focus

With your virtual schedule under control, you’ll free up more time to focus on your homework and projects.

Manage Your Remote Life with One App

Chipper manages your entire virtual college schedule, including your to-do list and homework reminders. Chipper can even import your Google Calendar events.

How to Manage Your Schedule When You’re Taking Online Classes

Step 1

Download the Chipper App

Visit the App Store or the Play Store to download Chipper free.

Step 2

Register Your Account

Enter your graduation year and school along with your email address.

Step 3

Enter Your Virtual College Class Schedule

Add your remote class meeting times and begin adding assignments with reminders.

Chipper: The perfect all-in-one organizer

Plan 1

Digital Planner

Organize your whole life including classes, meetings, your job, personal events, and study time.

Plan 2

Assignment Tracker

Keep track of due dates so you always know what's next.

Plan 3

Homework Organizer

Use customizable reminders and notifications so you never get caught off guard.

Plan 4

To-do List

Build plans for assignments, exams, and projects or papers with Subtasks.

Plan 5

Career Coaching*

Connect with experts in your career field and get guidance on becoming the strongest possible candidate. (*Optional paid service)

Plan 6

Used by Most Students

Top-rated app, with over 4.5 stars on the App Store.

What people are saying about Chipper

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The only planner/student app you’ll need
I was struggling with 4 STEM classes all online (Not by choice. Do I even have to say because of covid? Ha). No motivation and just feeling overwhelmed, wasting time. I downloaded a bunch of planner/student apps and this one was the best.
– am1634, App Store Reviewer
Amazing for Quarantine and online school
This can help in sooo many ways. If you fall behind in school work this helps you plan it out! You can finally feel relaxed and not stressed. You can study for tests and quizzes and break down some time using sub tasks. You also get ‘money’ (virtual not real) for every time you get stuff. It definitely boosts your studiousness and can help with everyday stuff such as dinner plans etc. I hope you get this app, and you’ll love it very much!
– OptomisticGal, App Store Reviewer
5 stars
This app is AMAZING. It takes a little time to figure it out, but once you do, it's easy and extremely practical! Don't immediately uninstall if you're having a bit of difficulty in the beginning, it's truly an amazing app for those who can't seem to keep their lives together. 💙
– Artemis, Play Store Reviewer
4 Stars
I really love this app. Free. No ads. Easy to use. Super awesome for college students. Color coded which i love. Makes exams and hw more priority then regular classes so you know exactly what you have to work on. Best calendar/planner ive ever used. I recommend this to all students and busy ppl out there. Really motivates you to stay organized and ahead of schedule with things
– mady meldrum, Play Store Reviewer
This app is amazing!
Omg, this app is amazing!! I do online schooling and I was struggling with finding time to do everything, but with this app I got to schedule my day. Scheduling my day was so easy using this app and it made me feel more organized and took a lot of stress off of my shoulders! It also reminds me when to do certain things, which is great! ( I'm terrible at remembering things!). I really recomend this to anyone who needs to schedule their day out, it really helps with stress.
– Beautiful6o3, Play Store Reviewer
Helpful! I was struggling with keeping track of all my due dates and couldn't find a physical planner that helped me. I looked into a variety of apps and chipper has by far been the best. It's so easy to just take my phone out in class and enter in the homework so that when I check back later I know exactly what to do. It's made for college and that helps a lot. Easy formatting and helpful reward system. Love it!
– Alexis England, Play Store Reviewer

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Chipper’s Homework Reminders feature keeps track of all your homework and assignments and notifies you of deadlines, so you won’t get caught off guard.


Take control of your time with the Time Management feature. Map out your schedule to properly prepare for your quizzes and exams in advance.


The Chipper To-Do List feature organizes your tasks and shows you an overview of what needs to be done and completed within the day, week or month.

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