Time Management For College Students

Take control of your time with the Time Management features of the Chipper Study App. Map out your schedule to properly prepare for your quizzes and exams in advance.

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A Tool Designed to Manage Your Time

How well you manage your time will determine how well you will do in college. According to experts, 90% of college students are procrastinators and 25% turn into chronic procrastinators. If time management is one of your struggles, Chipper is a great time management tool that will help you achieve success in college. When your study schedule is properly mapped out you can better prepare for your quizzes and exams and ace them. By taking advantage of this free time management app you will develop effective study habits and build time management skills that you can use even after your university years.

Time Management

Benefits of a Time Management App

Overcome Procrastination

Students procrastinate because they are uncertain of what to do next. Chipper helps overcome procrastination by helping students break down a large project into smaller, doable tasks.

Complete Assignments On-Time

Time management will enable you to allocate a realistic time frame to draft and complete assignments before they are due.

Be More Prepared for Quizzes and Exams

The secret to acing your exams is to manage your study time. Plan your exam study schedule in advance, to allow you ample prep time without late-night cram sessions that leave you exhausted on exam day.

Learn How to Manage Time

Using an app to manage your time teaches you discipline and gives you the habit of controlling your time. And Chipper’s user-friendly features are designed to help you do that.

Improves Your Focus

Having a structured schedule will allow you to simply do what is scheduled next, rather than waste valuable time deciding what to do next.

Makes You More Effective in Handling Tasks

Multi-tasking is an ineffective form of studying. Through Chipper, you’ll learn how to concentrate on one task at a time. This way, you’ll become more efficient than multi-taskers.

How to Manage Your Time Better with Chipper

Step 1

Download the App

Visit the App Store or the Play Store to download Chipper free then set up your class schedule.

Step 2

Schedule Your Non-Negotiable Time Periods in Your Chipper Calendar

Create a list of times (such classes, meetings, self-care, and any extracurricular activities) that you need to block off for your commitments.

Step 3

Schedule Multiple Short Study Sessions

Plan to do your work in multiple study sessions approximately 20 to 30 minutes long each with 5-minute breaks in between.

Chipper: The perfect all-in-one organizer

Plan 1

Digital Planner

Organize your whole life including classes, meetings, your job, personal events, and study time.

Plan 2

Assignment Tracker

Keep track of due dates so you always know what's next.

Plan 3

Homework Organizer

Use customizable reminders and notifications so you never get caught off guard.

Plan 4

To-do List

Build plans for assignments, exams, and projects or papers with Subtasks.

Plan 5

Career Coaching*

Connect with experts in your career field and get guidance on becoming the strongest possible candidate. (*Optional paid service)

Plan 6

Used by Most Students

Top-rated app, with over 4.5 stars on the App Store.

What people are saying about Chipper

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Saved my grades!
I love Chipper! It has made such a difference in my college life. Instead of having an illegible, out-of-date, and ugly physical planner, I have a beautiful, updated and always with me app! This app has simplified my life. From keeping my assignments to when I need to do laundry it’s all in one app. It makes it really easy to see my day and plan with it. Also keeping track of studying and the earnings feature is a fun way to keep me motivated. I have gotten all of my friends hooked on it. One thing that would be amazing is if it could link as an Alexa Skill! It would be great to ask Alexa what chipper has on schedule for today. But other than that, it is an amazing organizational tool that no college student shouldn’t have!
– Lee10928, App Store Reviewer
Almost Perfect
This app is a lifesaver. It wasn’t the first I tried but it has been the best for tracking assignments. I really like that you can break an assignment into many study sessions and that it tracks your time spent working on that assignment. It’s even more satisfying to see the hours put towards each achievement. It also has a feature that breaks studying into timed sessions with periodic breaks (ie. a 5 min break after every 25 min of studying). You can choose how long to study and how long breaks will last. The caveat with this tool is that the app has to stay open or it loses track of how long you’ve been studying. If the developer could fix that, then the app would be perfect.
– College_is_hard, App Store Reviewer
Organization at its Finest!
If I’m being honest, I’m sort of an organization junkie. I like everything in my planner to be visible, simple and color-coordinated: Chipper does exactly that! You are able to select specific colors for your classes, choose the type of class (online course, lecture, lab, etc), and the days of the week for your class and assignments without it ever looking crowded and messy in your schedule! If that’s not enough for you, Chipper also allows you to add “work” and “personal” events, separating those from your school schedule and assignments! I was looking for an app like this for so long, and none of them ever really hit the nail on the head! Thanks Chipper!
– Aaliyah2014, App Store Reviewer
This app is amazing!
Omg, this app is amazing!! I do online schooling and I was struggling with finding time to do everything, but with this app I got to schedule my day. Scheduling my day was so easy using this app and it made me feel more organized and took a lot of stress off of my shoulders! It also reminds me when to do certain things, which is great! ( I'm terrible at remembering things!). I really recomend this to anyone who needs to schedule their day out, it really helps with stress.
– Beautiful6o3, Play Store Reviewer
I found this app to be so helpful
I've looked around the play store so hard for an app like this and I didn't find one... until an add popped up on my YouTube and I found this app it's soooo helpful the reminders and everything works. You really need that for homework and courses reminders whether you were a high school or a college student👌🏼❤
– Sara Zahredine, Play Store Reviewer
This one really helped me stay on track
I have used many planner apps but this one really helped me stay on track compared to the other ones! It was hard to add things on other apps if it wasn't related to a course but with this app I can put all my classes, all my work for those classes, my meetings with my mentors, and more! And it helps me keep track of my study hours! The study hours helps a lot because I need to attend study sessions for a program and this app helps me keep track of my hours! Love it!
– Linda J. Garcia, Play Store Reviewer

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