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Improve study effectiveness and efficiency and put an end to cramming and multi-tasking with Chipper’s Study Timer feature.

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Get Focused with a Study Timer & Track Your Study Progress

How determined and disciplined are you when it comes to studying for your college exams? Studying requires focus, commitment and discipline but it’s easier said than done. Many college students have a hard time studying because of distractions. As a result, they resort to cramming and multi-tasking. These strategies are not effective, and they usually result in less than satisfactory scores. Chipper can help in this area with its Study Timer feature – a feature inspired by the Pomodoro Technique. This technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo to help students shift all their focus and attention on studying for set blocks of time, with short breaks in between.

Study Timer

Benefits of The Study Timer

Increase Focus and Attention

The average student has a selective sustained attention span of 20 – 25 minutes. The Study Timer allows you to break your study down into these effective units and reminds you to take breaks.

Experience Feelings of Accomplishment and Satisfaction

The Progress tab in Chipper will show how much time you’ve spent studying using the Study Timer, which will keep you motivated to work harder.

Increases Personal Accountability

The Study Timer feature tracks your time studying and working. Now you can account for how you spent your time and make adjustments to increase efficiency.

Eliminates the Habit of Multi-Tasking

Similar to the Pomodoro Technique, the Study Timer encourages you to work on a single task at a time. Using the Study Timer will stop you from multi-tasking, a strategy deemed by experts as counterproductive.

Lowers Stress Level

Having a Study Timer app gives you a sense of control over your time and as a result lowers your stress level.

Develop Study Habits

Chipper will compel you to stay focused and complete the task at hand. It’s a fun and smart way to develop good study habits.

How to Use the Chipper Study Timer

Step 1

Tap On The Study Tab

Visit the App Store or the Play Store to download Chipper free, then add your courses and assignments to Chipper.

Step 2

Select the Task to Work On

To use the Study Timer, tap the Study tab, and then select what task you want to work on.

Step 3

Customize Your Study Timer

Set your timer for the duration you need to study, along with the break period. This study-then-rest method is known as the Pomodoro Technique.

Chipper: The perfect all-in-one organizer

Plan 1

Digital Planner

Organize your whole life including classes, meetings, your job, personal events, and study time.

Plan 2

Assignment Tracker

Keep track of due dates so you always know what's next.

Plan 3

Homework Organizer

Use customizable reminders and notifications so you never get caught off guard.

Plan 4

To-do List

Build plans for assignments, exams, and projects or papers with Subtasks.

Plan 5

Career Coaching*

Connect with experts in your career field and get guidance on becoming the strongest possible candidate. (*Optional paid service)

Plan 6

Used by Most Students

Top-rated app, with over 4.5 stars on the App Store.

What people are saying about Chipper

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Almost Perfect
This app is a lifesaver. It wasn’t the first I tried but it has been the best for tracking assignments. I really like that you can break an assignment into many study sessions and that it tracks your time spent working on that assignment. It’s even more satisfying to see the hours put towards each achievement. It also has a feature that breaks studying into timed sessions with periodic breaks (ie. a 5 min break after every 25 min of studying). You can choose how long to study and how long breaks will last. The caveat with this tool is that the app has to stay open or it loses track of how long you’ve been studying. If the developer could fix that, then the app would be perfect.
– College_is_hard, App Store Reviewer
This app has helped keep me on task since I’ve been in school. For a person that needs everything to be color coded and organized, this app does amazing at just that! This is, by far, the best app that I have downloaded. Since downloading this app, I haven’t missed any assignments, projects, or life events. Being able to have what tasks need to be done laid out in front of me is a huge help. I use this app instead of any other calendar. It helps me want to study and it also helps me understand that I did the best that I could by being able to see the amount of time that I put into a task. Best app ever!
– han709, App Store Reviewer
Finally, scheduling that works!!!
I love Chipper! It has made such a difference in my college life. Instead of having an illegible, out-of-date, and ugly physical planner, I have a beautiful, updated and always with me app! This app has simplified my life. From keeping my assignments to when I need to do laundry it’s all in one app. It makes it really easy to see my day and plan with it. Also keeping track of studying and the earnings feature is a fun way to keep me motivated. I have gotten all of my friends hooked on it. One thing that would be amazing is if it could link as an Alexa Skill! It would be great to ask Alexa what chipper has on schedule for today. But other than that, it is an amazing organizational tool that no college student shouldn’t have!
– Happy Gopher Guy, App Store Reviewer
Amazing for Quarantine and online school
This can help in sooo many ways. If you fall behind in school work this helps you plan it out! You can finally feel relaxed and not stressed. You can study for tests and quizzes and break down some time using sub tasks. You also get ‘money’ (virtual not real) for every time you get stuff. It definitely boosts your studiousness and can help with everyday stuff such as dinner plans etc. I hope you get this app, and you’ll love it very much!
– OptomisticGal, App Store Reviewer
This one really helped me stay on track
I have used many planner apps but this one really helped me stay on track compared to the other ones! It was hard to add things on other apps if it wasn't related to a course but with this app I can put all my classes, all my work for those classes, my meetings with my mentors, and more! And it helps me keep track of my study hours! The study hours helps a lot because I need to attend study sessions for a program and this app helps me keep track of my hours! Love it!
– Linda J. Garcia, Play Store Reviewer
This one is definitely the best one I have found.
I have been searching for a planner app for about 4 years now. This one is definitely the best one I have found. Its super simple to use and great at doing its job. I have actually become more motivated to get my work done because of the progress section and I can't thank you enough for helping me get my school life on track. Thank you for creating this beauty!
– Breanna Mcdaniels, Play Store Reviewer

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