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Receive Expert Med School Admissions Consulting For Pre-Med Students

How do you get accepted into medical school? It can be a highly competitive and daunting journey, but the Pre-Med coaching team at Chipper is here to help you get into med school. Whether you are looking for a 4 year pre med plan, or you want to create an MCAT study plan, or you need help with med school interview coaching, our expert Pre Med coaches have the experience to give your medical school application an edge. Our Pre-Med Coaching team has experience on both sides of the med school admissions process. The team, including recent medical school graduates who went through the admission process themselves, as well as former Admissions Directors from top medical schools, have the insights you need to set your application apart. Through Chipper Coaching for Pre-Meds, you will get specific advice that’s geared to your plan for getting into med school. Best of all, compared to other med school admissions consultants, you can benefit from Pre-Med Coaching through the Chipper study app for a low price starting at just $49.99 per month.

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Benefits of Med School Admissions Coaching

Improve Your Chances of Getting Accepted to Med School

Optimize your medical school application package and complete all the steps you need to finish so your application can stand out.

Get Early Guidance To Build Your Pre-Med Plan

If your long-term goal is to get into medical school, our med school admission coaches can help you build a manageable plan you can work on over time.

Receive Specific Pre-Med Coaching Help

Need more targeted advice for how to get into med school? Our Pre-Med Coaching team can assist with specific tasks like editing your essay, assisting with medical school interview coaching, or helping with your personal statement.

Be Guided By Experts Who Know How To Get Into Med School

Our Pre-Med Coaching team has experience on both sides of the med school admission process. The team includes former admissions counselors and committee members, and successful med students who have been in your shoes.

Build a Stronger Medical School Application

With help from Pre-Med Coaching experts, you’ll know exactly what to do to enhance your experiences and make your application stand out in a competitive field.

Get Affordable Med School Admissions Counseling

The experts in our Pre-Med Coaching team can guide you with a complete med school admission plan including course selection and an MCAT study plan, starting at just $49.99/month.

How to Access Chipper Coaching

Step 1

Download the Chipper App

Visit the App Store or the Play Store to download Chipper free.

Step 2

Select Your Career Track

Tap the Coaching tab, and select the Pre-Med career track.

Step 3

Sign Up for Pre-Med Coaching

After selecting the Pre-Med career track, purchase your Pre-Med Coaching subscription right in the Chipper app. Every subscription includes a free trial!

Chipper: The perfect all-in-one organizer

Plan 1

Digital Planner

Organize your whole life including classes, meetings, your job, personal events, and study time.

Plan 2

Assignment Tracker

Keep track of due dates so you always know what's next.

Plan 3

Homework Organizer

Use customizable reminders and notifications so you never get caught off guard.

Plan 4

To-do List

Build plans for assignments, exams, and projects or papers with Subtasks.

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Career Coaching*

Connect with experts in your career field and get guidance on becoming the strongest possible candidate. (*Optional paid service)

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Has really helped me be productive by allowing me to schedule my assignments and easily block out time for a specific assignment, as well as add the events on my calendar. Plus, it’s really satisfying to check off an activity/assignment/sub task as completed!
– Lil_sebastian_5000, App Store Reviewer
🙌🏻 my holy grail app
I love this app! I wish I had discovered it my freshman year of uni, but oh well. It is so easy to use and I love how it’s organized. Plus it’s got a Pomodoro timer built in!
– han709, App Store Reviewer
Amazing for Quarantine and online school
This can help in sooo many ways. If you fall behind in school work this helps you plan it out! You can finally feel relaxed and not stressed. You can study for tests and quizzes and break down some time using sub tasks. You also get ‘money’ (virtual not real) for every time you get stuff. It definitely boosts your studiousness and can help with everyday stuff such as dinner plans etc. I hope you get this app, and you’ll love it very much!
– OptomisticGal, App Store Reviewer
Finally! A calendar WITH a to-do list AND tasks AND subtasks AND reminders all in one place and linked/working together!! Thank you! Seriously I am tired of using tons of different apps to do simple things. Do everything in one app... Makes sense to me. Not to mention, I love that I can put my class info. In one place and then quickly add it to the calendar schedule with out having to re-enter all of the info about it every time I want to schedule something related to that class.
– Kindra M., Play Store Reviewer
This app is amazing!
Omg, this app is amazing!! I do online schooling and I was struggling with finding time to do everything, but with this app I got to schedule my day. Scheduling my day was so easy using this app and it made me feel more organized and took a lot of stress off of my shoulders! It also reminds me when to do certain things, which is great! ( I'm terrible at remembering things!). I really recomend this to anyone who needs to schedule their day out, it really helps with stress.
– Beautiful6o3, Play Store Reviewer
Helpful! I was struggling with keeping track of all my due dates and couldn't find a physical planner that helped me. I looked into a variety of apps and chipper has by far been the best. It's so easy to just take my phone out in class and enter in the homework so that when I check back later I know exactly what to do. It's made for college and that helps a lot. Easy formatting and helpful reward system. Love it!
– Alexis England, Play Store Reviewer

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