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Better time management in college

The Chipper study planner was built specifically for busy college students. Plan out your whole schedule: school, work, and life tasks. It’s an organizer, to-do list, and planner all in one.

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Keep track of assignment due dates

Stay organized and never miss a due date again. Use Reminders to keep up with your homework assignments.

LIFE-CHANGING. I love Chipper more than any other app I’ve ever had on my phone. This app is the only reason I’m getting through college.” Charlie B., App Store Reviewer

The perfect all-in-one organizer app

Digital Planner

Organize your whole life including classes, meetings, your job, personal events, and study time.

Homework Reminders

Use custom reminders to keep track of due dates so you always know what’s next.

Study Timer

Improve your effectiveness when it’s time to study by getting focused.

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To-do List

Build plans for assignments, exams, and projects or papers with Subtasks.

Boosts* (Coming Soon)

Get help with improving your grades, getting into grad school, or landing a job (*Optional paid service)

Motivation to Study

Stay motivated and build healthy study habits with progress tracking tools.

What students are saying:

“This is better than any other homework planner I've tried!”

“This planner helped me get 4 A's and an A-!”

“I absolutely love this app! I always struggle with keeping up with my planner but now that I have it on my phone, it's so convenient. Even sends me reminders when things are due. Recommended for anyone who is in school!”

“I LOVE THIS APP! When I realized that my homework and projects were piling up, I knew I needed to get organized. You can put in all your assignments, when to study for them, and it gives you badges when you finish something which motivates me.”

“Love this app and its simplicity. Keeps me organized and aware of my tasks.”

“If I’m being honest, I’m sort of an organization junkie. I like everything in my planner to be visible, simple, and color-coordinated. Chipper does exactly that!”

“With Chipper I never forget - I actually can’t wait to enter in an assignment or check of a task just to see my earnings go up. It’s so satisfying and so helpful to have everything scheduled out.”

“Amazing. Loving how easy it to add EVERYTHING and see it clearly in one spot. The focus feature is amazing and even happier that it’s free! ”

“Very helpful for freshmen who are just getting adjusted or for students wanting to be organized!”

“I’ve tried a few other student-centered organization apps in the past, but this one takes the cake!”

“This is the best scheduling app I’ve ever downloaded. It is so interactive and very easy to use.”

“Finally a great app that allows effective student planning without ads being shoved down your throat! Absolutely love this!”

“This app really helps me organize my thoughts and keeps me from missing anything or upcoming events.”

“I’ve only been using Chipper for a week and so far I LOVE it.”

“I have never been so organized. This app is the best and now I can smile at the end of each day.”

“Chipper is so awesome, really couldn't have thought of any other application that could organize an plan my path of success any better way.”

“It’s so good to use for those that procrastinate and actually want something that helps them stop that! I’ve actually been productive with this app and it’s just amazing!”

“This app makes keeping up with my assignments, work, and life so easy! The “earnings” & “challenges” features keeps me motivated to go to class and do my assignments! Thanks Chipper!”

“For a person that needs everything to be color coded and organized, this app does amazing at just that! This is, by far, the best app that I have downloaded. Since downloading this app, I haven’t missed any assignments, projects, or life events.”

“This is a great app and I love it. It has helped me so much and made me way more organized. It is super satisfying when you complete a task and revolutionizes completing projects and papers. Highly recommend downloading this app.”

“I love Chipper! It has made such a difference in my college life. Instead of having an illegible, out-of-date, and ugly physical planner, I have a beautiful, updated and always with me app!”

“This is the best app I’ve ever used and I wish more people knew about it! I’ll be telling all my friends and teachers. ALSO! You can manage things more than school. They have sections for WORK and LIFE schedules. I mean COME ON! This is everything I needed. THANK YOU CHIPPER!!!!!”

“This app is extremely helpful and it makes me excited about completing assignments because of the instant gratification that comes with seeing how it pays for me to get my degree. I highly recommend this for any person currently enrolled in college.”

“This app is so helpful for a busy individual! Allows me to keep track of my classes, meetings, and other events. 10/10 would recommend!”

“This app is probably going to save all my grades this semester and I’m officially in love with it. It’s COMPLETELY FREE, has NO ADS and is organized in a way that’s simple and appealing to look at. This is the first time I’ve ever stuck to a planner of any sort, and I have no idea how I lived without this app before.

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