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To-Do List + Calendar

Chipper combines a traditional to-do list with a calendar, so you always know what to do and when. Breaking your daily schedule into checkboxes is a powerful motivator - you won’t want to leave anything unchecked!

“When I used Chipper, the suggestions helped remind me to start studying early.
My GPA went up to a 3.5 this semester!Luis M., Mount Saint Mary’s University

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Intelligent Suggestions

Chipper gives you smart recommendations that helps you break up your next big assignment into bite-sized tasks. You can also get suggestions for bigger goals, like getting into grad school or landing your dream job (coming soon).

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You + Studying = $$$

Every class you attend, every exam you study hard for, and every time you go above and beyond increases the likelihood that you’ll get good grades, graduate on time, and reach your full potential. Chipper rewards you with virtual dollars when you complete tasks, so you know exactly how studying hard now pays off later. The amount you can earn will surprise you!

“I have never been so organized!
This app is the best and now I can smile at the end of each day.” App Store User

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Boost Your Grades

Get the roadmap to becoming the best student you can be, backed by expert advice from top faculty and students.

Start Your Mornings Right

Receive an email first thing in the morning telling you exactly what’s on your plate for the day.

Antidote for Procrastination

Build good habits so preparing for big assignments early will become your default behavior.

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Break It Into Pieces

Get help breaking up intimidating exams and papers into smaller, manageable tasks so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Jump-Start Your Week

Get a Sunday evening reminder to set up your schedule for the coming week so you start Monday on the right foot.

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Backed by Experience

Brought to you by the team that has helped tens of thousands of medical students ace some of the toughest exams in the world.